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Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Artisans at The Palm House Craft Fair 2015

Hello Everyone :-)

So i took a slightly longer break than I had intended too! My poor social media pages have been a little neglected lately.  I have been working on custom orders in the background though so it hasn't been a complete waste of time.  Hopefully I can now come back feel fresh as a daisy brimming with new ideas!

So any of you who follow me regularly (or as regularly as I post :-P) will know that I had my first craft fair a couple of weeks a go.  I was super nervous that no one would buy my stuff!  I am happy to report that I did sell some things....yay!! I actually sold a couple of hats and gloves even though the sun was cracking the flags and it was like an oven in the actual Palm House!! I sold a few baby booties and brooches too.  I met some lovely people who have been doing craft fairs a while and gave me great advice.  All in all i would call it a success.  I've already signed up to another one in September and a couple more I'm waiting for replies on!

It really was a lovely couple of days.  A few of my friends came to see me and also brought me food from the lovely food stalls that were outside!  The only downside was I didn't have time to have a nose round myself.  I did pick up a couple of things from the stalls that were immediately around me. I got a lovely Bead bracelet from The beast Gecko, some bow hair clips from Moon&Bee and some lovely illustrated cards of Liverpool from Freida McKitrick.

Today I am planning to get super organised.  I'm pretty sure I say this at least once a month but i really really want to do it today :-P  I hope you all had a lovely Easter and I shall see you soon :-)