This is me, trying to do some art and have some fun! AHOY THERE ME H-ARTY'S.

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Blank Canvas

So I'm still coming down from the Summer of Colour Fun, I had a really great time and I really wish it was the year of colour or something like that :-P Although I actually think it would send me insane in the nicest way possible!!

So today I am off to a caravan in Wales! The weather is forecast to rain pretty much the whole weekend so I am taking my knitting and my art stuff so i can pass the time and hopefully get my creative juices flowing! At the moment I have this......

Literally a blank canvas!! I have ideas though, BIG ideas...well big for me and I'm hoping I can get it started whilst I'm away! There won't be any wifi (sobs) and I don't get much of a phone signal so I won't be able to check in with everyone when I'm away.....I do not like feeling cut off but maybe it will do me good!!

I've also been working on a special commission for a friend, it's almost done and I'll post better pics when it is but here is what i have at the moment!!

You might be able to tell what it is from this, it seems kind of obvious to me but then i did knit it :-P I'm also working on a knitted panda that I'm hoping to put into my shop as soon as possible! I've had my shop for a while but due to circumstances beyond my control I've had to abandon it for a bit but I'm working on getting it back up and running so next time there should be something for you to have a nose at!!

And finally, today it is 3 years since my lovely, amazing Dad passed away.  This is a pretty terrible photo of me but it shows my Dad with his trademark mega grin, this is how I'd like to remember him.  I miss him every day, the day he left me my heart broke in to a million pieces.  But life goes on and I finally feel like I am moving forward a bit.  I've signed up to some free on line art classes and I'm starting up my little business (again) but this time I'm going to power though and hopefully make it happen! As The Rock would say 'BOOTS TO ASSES, TEAM BRING IT' :-)

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Summer of Colour 4 Week 6.....

I can't believe it is the last cumber of colour now, I've really enjoyed getting back in to it (even though I spend most of the weeks moaning about myself :-P) and I'll deffo be doing it again if it is here next year :-)

I've actually had my piece done for a few days but I've just not had a chance to write this post! I'm not even sure if I'm technically on time to count but ah wells! I've been trying to join some of your wonderful Blogs so I can follow what you are doing but at the moment Google Friend Connect just won't let me.....sometimes technology REALLY annoys me!

The colours this week where raspberry, Tangerine and Lemon.....I was so pleased with these colours, they make me very happy! I decided to get my sketchbook out (it had dust on it, and I found my old drawings from the last time I did Summer of Colour way back when :-P) Anyway I decided to do something that I LOVE doing....Sugar Skulls :-D

And here he is! I love him, I am genuinely very pleased with this :-) Do you think I should outline the skull a bit more? Maybe with black? Either way I think the colour balance came out just as I wanted it (mainly raspberry and tangerine with a bit of yellow!).

I mainly used my pencils again but I also added some bits with my Sakura Gelly Roll pens! I probably could have added more but I thought it was best to step back before I go to mad haha!

So there you have it, I managed to get all 6 weeks done! Hurrah! I've made it my mission to get back in to my art more! I used to love art (still do really), had big plans to go to uni etc etc, somewhere along the way I got lost and I stopped doing art altogether! Now I'm in that place where I don't think I'm very good and I haven't found my style or groove yet! 

Now I'm off to look at all your fab work and hopefully (fingers crossed) get to follow the Blogs I really want to! Wish me luck!!

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Short but Sweet Summer of Colour Week 5

Hello to you all! I am literally just hopping in and out to post my summer of colour piece for this week! I have been working none stop on my most ambitious scarf design to date and I'm very excited about it!

This weeks colours were red, dark blue and light blue (I can't actually recall the shade of dark blue but I think you probably all know what I mean!). I ADORE these colours but sadly my piece did not live up to the great ideas I had! I used pencils but the paper was too rough, I mush prefer smooth paper! Also It was looking good until i added extra red in it and now it makes the eyes go funny...oh well onwards and upwards!

And here I am hiding behind what is technically a ATC! I shall have a nose around all your lovely work tomorrow, I'm excited to see what has been done with these lovely colours!!

See you all next week :-)

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Things I have learnt this week.....

Hello everyone!

This week I learnt that it's better not to mess with things when they are kind of OK to begin with because you end up falling down the rabbit hole of trying to "fix" it and get it just right! I did this with my Blog.  It was perfectly acceptable, looked fine but I HAD to go and try and make it better!

I can't leave things alone, I'm always worried I've made the wrong choice and that a different choice will be better!  If you give me more than a couple elf things to choose from my head starts to spin and I may very well spontaneously combust! I went to a lampshade making class the other day....which was pretty amazing but I spent 10 mins standing outside trying to get myself to go in because I was worried they wouldn't be there, I didn't know what they looked like, people might look at me.... Eventually I managed to get in, by now I was pretty stressed out (I think I hid it OK) then we start on the lamp shades.....there must have been 10+ fabrics to choose from! I managed to narrow it down to about 3 I liked but then the familiar voice appeared...."but this one is red you like red" "oh but red is so obvious go with the green" "but that flower pattern is lovely, people will like that"..... and so it went on.  I had to make a decision in the end and for those of you interested I went with the lime green which is lovely and amazing and I'm very happy with!

My beautiful lamp shade!

So at the beginning of the week I decide to change my Blog....I really have no idea why! The same reason that I always ALWAYS upgrade my phone even if I love the phone I have and it's the best phone ever! The same reason that I can't decide which bike to get because there are so many..... the same reason I can;t decide if I should make a new Blog for my knitting or keep the old one I have......I just want it to be perfect and above all I don't want to make the wrong decision......except I'm not sure what perfect is!

What I have ended up with is a slightly different layout (happy with this) but the same banner only bigger and more central....I'm happy that it's more central but the thing is giant and for some reason it now looks dull and dark and the font doesn't work on it now......disaster!

So now I can't decide if i should leave it alone or make a completely new banner.....I wouldn't even know where to begin with that! I tried using another digital piece I had done but although I loved the colours it just didn't seem right :-( I feel a little deflated now, I just wanted my lovely Blog to look amazing! But this is typical of me, I should be used to it but I'm still annoyed.  Annoyed at myself really!

Oh well, I will have to keep it as it is for now and try very hard to decide what is best to do......I have a slight feeling of Deja-vu here......

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Big ideas......(Summer of Colour 3 week 3)

Hi Guys!

So this weeks summer of colour colours are pink, apple green and a bit of forest green.....oh I was happy about this!! These are colours that I could most definitely work with......or were they?

It all started well enough, I had my idea I just had to go for it...and go for it I did! I really should have planned it out more then I would have realised that A) my piece would be more green than pink which is not what I wanted and B) The medium I was using wasn't quite right for what I was using it on!!

I genuinely can not decide if I like this or not!! One minute I think yeah it's great the next I'm all like nook it's supposed to be PINK! I've been putting off painting this thing through fear of ruining it (I have a lot of fears about that sort of thing!) and ow I'm like ugh!

The close up of it is a little better! Damn you green for being haha! Well anyway i used my Posca paint pens on this bad boy. Which was a great idea until i realised all my pens are quite thick tipped as I usually paint vinyl toys with them.  I had to use all my powers of concentration not to get pink on green and green on pink! It needs some touch ups too....if I ever get a thinner pen in these colours I am so on it!

Anyway I hope you enjoyed stopping by my little Blog! I'm off now, I have about a million things to do today and I'm going to a lampshade making class tonight! Before that I have to finish knitting a commission for someone (shhh its a secret) busy busy busy......