This is me, trying to do some art and have some fun! AHOY THERE ME H-ARTY'S.

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

The long and winding road.....

I am writing this post as a sort of apology, to all my followers and maybe also to myself.  I won't go into detail on here but the last few months have been difficult because of certain things that have happened outside of cyber space.  My life is completely different than this time last year and it's taken me a while to get to grips with it.

Anyway I'm slowly getting back on my feet and I am making a promise to myself to start Blogging and doing arty things again!! I think I will start with one Blog week!! I feel like I let certain people fall out of my life when I didn't mean to but i'm back now and it won't happen again!!

So for now i shall say good I shall say SEE YOU SOON :-)

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Feeling a little bit rusty......

I haven't done anything arty in, what feels like, a million years :-( I've had so many things to knit and work has had me rushed off my feet!! I've almost caught up with the knitting but work will be busy now until probably after Christmas which is a bit depressing!!

I'd like to say the reason I've not done anything arty is because I've been knitting, but in all honesty it's not!! I find it very difficult to put down my ideas on to paper! It's like I have a fear of it going wrong or looking silly :-S I remember when I was younger I used to run up to the top of the Castles we used to visit in Wales! I'd drag my Dad up and look over and wave down at my mum.....I wasn't nervous at all.  If you asked me to do that now I would deffo think twice because I know what can go wrong and I worry that it will go wrong! It's the same sort of thing with my art.  I've spent so much time away from it thinking I can't do it, that it's silly that I've now started to believe it!

If anyone has any tips that would be great :-P

This is the last piece of art I created! I was looking in to zen tangles and zen doodles! I really like the colour (of course I do it's red ha ha)! I was getting creative block on the actual doodling bit though.....they were starting to look very samey :-S

Well that is it for now! I hope you have all had a lovely week :-)

Friday, 13 July 2012

I'm late, I'm late for a very important date (Summer of Colour)

I'm so late this week!! I have a million things to knit which seems to be taking up most of my time at the moment! I have two birthday presents that I really need to get a move on with!! I finally managed to find some time to sit down and think about what I was going to do for week four!! I LOVED the colours so there was no problem there! But I really wanted to to do something different each week!! So I thought and I thought and then I had a brain wave!!

On one of the lovely Blogs I've commented on during this summer of colour I have seen some really lovely zentangle style drawings! I'm really really sorry but I can't think of the name of the Blog just now!! When I do I will come back and link to it, or if you are reading this and you know it's you let me know :-P They usually do the zentangles in animal shapes which is just so damn cool! It might not even have been an actual zentangle but that is what it reminded me of and I love it!!

So I went on google and watched some you tube vids and decided to have a go.....well why not!!

This is what I came up with!I'm quite pleased with this! I obviously need some practise as this is literally my first ever attempt!! Me being me I couldn't just go for a plain old square like the you tube videos said you should start with :-P What do you guys think?? I'm deffo going to be trying this one again!!

So there you have it!! On to next week!! Man have you seen the colour?? I CAN NOT WAIT!! It's REEEEEDDDDDD! Totally my fave colour ever in the world :-D

I'm off to work now but will be having a nose at the rest of week fours art when I get back!!

Monday, 2 July 2012

Summer of Colour (Strawberry and Lemonade Punch)

Hi guys :-)

This weeks summer of colour challenge was again a bit of a challenge for me! Mainly because I just haven't had the time to sit down and think properly about it!! The easiest route seemed to be to go literal again so that is what I did!!

I kind of like the colours in this but its not as creative as I would like!! Last time I said I felt like I should apologise but I won't do that this time! I will pick out what I like best about it! I really like the swirly pattern (I like swirly patterns, what can is ay :-p) and I love how the yellow and green go together!! I used my Moleskine again which is good as its pages are finally being filled!! I would like to start using the back of the pages but I have this thing about doing that......I'm the same with notebooks haha!! I also used pencils! I need better quality pencils I think but the colours are nice!!

So on to next week :-) I've seen the prompt which is Wild n reckless sherbet! This is a very funky coloured icecream which once again makes my mouth water :-P The good news is I already have some ideas so hopefully I will be able to produce something I am more happy with :-D

On a completely different is a photo of my Cat Lupin.....

She was trying to sunbathe but having trouble what with the lack of sun :-P Ahhh isn't she the cutest?!?

Anyway I am off to look at some strawberry lemonade punch art :-D All this talk of ice cream really makes me wnat a bowl...yum!!

Monday, 25 June 2012

Summer Of Colour: Baseball Nut (Fail)

Hi everyone :-)

It was a close call as to weather I was going to get this weeks Summer Of Colour done!! I had real trouble coming up with anything and the thing I did do in the end looks nothing like the Baseball Nut ice cream picture that was posted :-( I was going to do another ATC but I decided to use my Moleskine in the end!

I feel the need to apologise for this :-S I mean really, what does this have to do with baseballs or nuts?? :-P On the plus side I like the effect I got by just outlining the ice cream in the middle and i love the swirly background!! The colours don't show up great but the pinks are supposed to be the sauce that swirls through the ice cream and the yellow is the vanilla! I chose yellow because vanilla to me screams cream and I don't do cream haha!! It kind of looks like a mishmash of sherbet rainbow and mint choc chip......... I used coloured pencils and a black marker on this! I love colouring with pencils although the ones used here were quite cheap and not blendable at all :-P

I have yet to look on the Twinkle Twinkle blog for the next colour prompt but I am excited! I'm hoping I can pull something a bit better out of the bag this time!! I'm just off to look at all the other fab pieces of art :-D See you at the other side!!

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Summer of Colour (Mint Choc Chip)

Hey everyone! So to week two of the Summer Of Colour Challenge! This weeks prompt was Mint Choc Chip (my fave flavour of ice cream might I add)! I must be honest I found this one very hard! I don't know if it was because I've been having one of THOSE weeks so my brain just wouldn't switch on!! Anyway I went literal with this one so I should introduce to you.......

Mr Cool Mint.

I used my pro markers to colour him in! I'm not sure I really like the blue background but it fits in with the Mr Cool Mint theme ha ha!! I've never done an ATC before and I found it hard to put any extra detail on him :-S All in all I like the idea but I think it could have been done a little better!! Also I think his choc chips look a bit like acne hahaha!!

Oh well I tried something new which was fun, and I will deffo be doing more ATC's in the future! So on to next weeks colour.....I can't wait to find out what it is!!

In other news, my lovely friend Carmen sent me a gift.....I will write a special post about that....but I just wanted to say thank you to her.  We only "met" quite recently but I like to think we have become good friends :-)

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Summer of Colour 2 (rainbow sherbet)

Whilst perusing my friend Carmen's fab blog (whoopidooings) I came across a post she did about The summer of colour 2! Now I've never heard of this but having read about it here and followed the links I have now decided that I will totally give this a go!!

You can find out all about it at Twinkle Twinkle but basically there will be a colour prompt each week and you make some art based on that colour and post it on your blog! I believe the colours will be based on ice cream flavours (yum I LOVE ice cream!).  You can do any art form that you like, I'm hoping to mix it up a little and do a couple of different ones but who knows what will happen when I get going :-)

This weeks colour was RAINBOW SHERBET (seriously the picture of this ice cream looks so nice I could lick the screen ha ha). I'll be honest I didn't quite get my piece finished but I wanted to post it in time so I have taken a picture of the almost finished piece!!

You can't see the colours so well on this photo but this is the best natural light I could find (damn you rain!!)! I decided to do knitting for my first piece as i had the perfect wool and my friend is after a pair of baby booties so i can kill two birds with one stone :-P The one on the right hasn't be sewn together hence why it looks giant compared to the other one!! I love this wool as it is self striping! This has had an interesting effect on the booties.....each bootie is slightly different colours :-P I'm hoping this will be seen as quirky ha ha!!

I really can't wait to see what next weeks colour is :-D I also can't wait to look at everyone lovely RAINBOW SHERBET stuff!! Let's face it, with weather like this we deffo need a summer of colour!!!