This is me, trying to do some art and have some fun! AHOY THERE ME H-ARTY'S.

Saturday, 11 June 2016

I can never think of witty post titles!

After saying I was going to post more I have clearly posted far less :-P One day I will get the hang of this Blogging thing!  I've actually been working on my work space, it was a bit/lot chaotic and hard to actually work in!!  I now have a lovely new desk and places to put everything....I can actually see the floor!  Hopefully this will help me be more productive..hmmm :-P

The photos below are just somethings I've been working on.  I have a lot more hats and tea cosies but they need sewing together!  Sewing things together is my least favourite thing to do so i always leave it until last!

I've been on holiday to Croatia too.  It was truly wonderful and I didn't want to come home but I guess thats for another post :-)

Sunday, 21 February 2016

Tea cosy crazy!

A little while back a friend of mines mum asked me to knit her a tea cosy.  It was a very short and sweet brief 'any colour any design' :-P After establishing she likes pastel colours I went with a cream tea cosy with blue flowers!

This was the result!  I decided I should try and make more tea cosies because who doesn't want to have cosy tea? :-P  I have lots of ideas but trying to  put them all in to practise is harder than I imagined!

These are the two I have actually managed to finish!  I just need to try and get good photos of them which is a nightmare as I'm either in work during the day or its raining when I'm off :-P

These are two WIP I have!  The teal one is going to have a grey pom pom I think!  I haven't quite decided yet!  The bottom one is actually a terrible photo as its a lovely mint green in real life!  I think this one will have flowers on, maybe little cherry blossoms or something!  If anyone is wondering these are available to buy ;-)

And here is a photo of me with my super cool pen that I literally HAD to buy :-P Like I need another novelty pen!!

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Falling Ill

Hi guys,

I've been away from Blogger for far too long now!  Christmas was a crazy busy time in my day job and I had to take some time to myself.  Christmas is always a hard time for me after the loss of my parents a within a year of each other a couple of years ago.  But as always I'm back now (fingers crossed this time), and hoping to at least get a Blog a week out!  Not too much to ask I think!

I'm currently in the process of making some cards to send back to people who sent me lovely creations over Christmas :-) It was so nice to receive those!  Everything seems to take me longer than it really should haha!  I'm also trying to come up with some new projects for my store!  I've been working on a first full jumper!  It's going well and it actually fits!

I'm thinking of going back to uni to study part time but I'll go in to this more when it gets nearer the time ;-)  It's exciting and scary because I haven't been to Uni in 10 years but at least I will feel like I am using my brain properly again!

Most recently I have taken ill,  it came on by surprise and was quite scary at the time.  I have something called Bells Palsy were the left side of my face won't move properly resulting in an eye that won't close properly and a wonky smile.  I'm on medication though and I'm feeling much better.  Hopefully the nerves in my face will heal properly and there won't be too much if any permanent damage!

In my next post I will put some pictures of what I've been doing in the last few months!  Take care everyone :-)

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

It's the most wonderful time of the year...

It has most definitely been far too long since I lasted posted up a Blog.  Things have been crazy busy and I had to give something up for a short while.  I have lots of fun stuff to report on though so you can expect some Blog posts from now on :-)

Today I am going to talk about The Liebster Awards.  I was nominated by Naomi Loo to answer a few questions about myself.  Below are the rules as taken from her fab Blog :-)

When nominated, you answer 10 questions and nominate some other bloggers! There are also a few rules:
1. Nominated bloggers must have less than 200 followers
2. They must create a blog post with a link back the blogger who nominated you
3. Create your own set of questions for your nominated blogger or bloggers 

1. What's made you really laugh recently?

I like to think I laugh a lot, laughing is something I enjoy doing!  I can't pick out one particular moment from recently, there are far too many but I guess that is a good thing :-)

2. If you had to choose one food to live on what would it be?

I'm not much of a foodie I'm afraid.  I'm going to go with something really basic and say bread as I love it, it comes in quite a few different styles so hopefully I wouldn't get too bored :-P

3. What did you want to be when you were little?

I wanted to be so many things, a nurse an architect, interior designer!  I settled on artist after a while and still love to be creative today!

3. If you could have one superpower what would it be?

Hmmm flying would be cool, I like to get places quickly :-P

4. What is the best thing you've ever done?

Oh this is a hard one,  there are many things I have enjoyed doing.  I don't think I can pinpoint just one.  I went to see The Harlem Globetrotters, that was pretty amazing as I'd always wanted to go and see them!

5. Three things you can't live without?

Photos, friends, knitting supplies

6. Name a destination that's on your list to visit and why

I want to see as much of the world as I can!  I'd really like to go to Disney World in Florida though!  It probably seems a bit odd, but ever since I was a little girl I've wanted to go.  I have an uncle who lives in Florida and my Dad used to tell me that he lived next door To Mickey Mouse.  They'd send me cards and presents from him! It used to make me so happy and still does when I think about it.

7. Who or what inspires you the most?

Any one who makes art that they love!  They inspire me greatly.  I love seeing the passion people bring to things. 

8. What is your favourite recipe? 

Home made roasties :-P

9. What keeps you blogging?

I love reading other people's Blog's, hearing about their lives, their loves and their interests.  I like to think that maybe people like to hear about that sort of stuff from me too.  It's a way to talk about what you love without the risk of boring people too as they can simply stop reading if that is the case.

10. If you could chose anywhere to live, where would it be?

Barcelona is my fave City although I've always liked the idea of living out my days in Italy, painting and relaxing.

So there you have my answers.  I'm supposed to nominate some Blog's myself now but I'm so late in doing this and so behind with my Blog reading that I'm just going to say that anyone who wants to answer these questions can do :-)

1) What is your favourite thing to do to relax?
2) What is the best place you have ever visited?
3) What crafts do you enjoy and why?
4) What crafts would you like to try?
5) What is your favourite season?
6) If you could have your dream job what would it be? (if you are doing your dream job what is it?)
7) What is your fave TV show?
8) What is your favourite colour?
9) If you could pick one language to learn what would it be?
10) What makes you happiest?

Sunday, 13 September 2015

Knit Knit Knit Knit

Hello all :-)

I'm not too sure exactly why it has been so long since I last posted on here!  I have been doing a lot of over time in my day job and I have also been knitting like crazy as I have a craft fair coming up this time next week!  June/July/august are difficult months for me too but I decided to knit like crazy, got in to the zone and made 11 hats and lots of gloves and brooches!

I didn't want this post to be too photo heavy so here are just a few of the new hats I made!  I usually do them grey with coloured bands and bobbles but I decided to try and do different colour combos!  They are £10 (+p&p) and can be made in pretty much any colour anyone wants!  You can find them in my Etsy shop here or you can email me ( if you would like to get one!  They are super slouchy and comfy and cover your ears to keep you warm in the winter!  I had a custom request for one once that was a purple band, grey body of hat and a lime green bobble!  It looked fab!

Anyway,  That's all for now!  I know I'm very quiet at the moment but I am always in the background knitting and reading your fab Blogs :-)

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Fantastical Felting Adventure

Hello everyone :-)

I haven't been around as much as I would like recently.  Not even on Facebook, my little Etsy shop or Twitter.  I'm so busy with the day job as there are people on holiday and people leaving that I've been pretty much working there none stop.  I always think to myself I'll do a bit when I get in but i don't get in until gone 7 then I have to make tea and eat it then all of a sudden it's almost 10 and time for bed :-P

Well anyway enough of my moaning.  I have decided to teach myself felting.  It all started with a kit I got from a craft fair last year.  the girl selling them was really lovely and we got chatting.  She made the most amazing felted and crochet pieces including a giant stags head you can put on your wall at Christmas.  I was fascinated and bought the kit.  I never opened it though, sometimes I would think to myself oh I really need to open that kit but I never did.  In the meantime I have been finding other great felters and their amazing creations.  Some of them really are beautiful.

Finally I opened the kit!!! It was a rainy day and I was quite bored and tired and I just thought now is the time.  i wish I had done it sooner, it's amazing AMAZING!! I find it quite relaxing to stab a piece of finer million sod times with a little needle....... :-P

Here are the results so far!  The first things I tried were flowers from the kit but flowers really aren't my thing so I went free style :-P  The B is a wall hanging and is actually a present for someone!  The little bunny was just me trying to follow a youtube tutorial and try 3D felting.  I must learn that bunny ears look better closer together!  I'm so excited by this new craft that I've ordered more stuff and i have BIG plans so watch this space :-)

And last but not least here is a canvas bag design I have been working on!  I can't decide if it needs more hearts or maybe some buttons between the hearts?  It's quite a big bag and I feel like these little hearts might get a bit lost on there!  What do you all think?

Well that's it for now, take care everyone :-)

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Baby Bootie Bonanza

Sadly I didn't get round to doing a piece for the last week of Summer of Colour :-( Its a shame because I LOVED the last colour combo, I just couldn't find the time to sit down and do something!  Having a day job that doesn't have a set rota can be quite difficult when I'm trying to knit for my shop and do art for myself (I also try to fit in trips to the gym and visiting friends), some weeks I feel like my time management is amazing, others not so much!

Anywho, I am officially doing 3 craft fairs this autumn/winter!  I am very excited/nervous, mainly because I have no way of knowing if I have enough stock for 3 craft fairs EEK!  In a bid to get a head start I have been making baby booties, lots of different colours and styles.  they are fairly quick to make so I thought I would get them out of the way first :-P

These are the ones I have completed and photographed so far!  They are all £5 (If any one is interested in buying them please do feel free to contact me via my easy shop, Facebook, here or email) and in slightly different sizes.  I need to find a way to price them up that looks attractive for my craft fair.  If you have any ideas please do let me know, I am always looking for inspiration from crafty creative people.  Also if you have any colour suggestions hit me with them....I'm always drawn to super colourful combos and find it hard to know what other people might like :-P

I'm determined DETERMINED to look at every single Summer of Colour post, I'm way behind at the moment but I will catch up with myself at some point!  For now I'm off to work on a top secret project ;-)