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Monday, 25 June 2012

Summer Of Colour: Baseball Nut (Fail)

Hi everyone :-)

It was a close call as to weather I was going to get this weeks Summer Of Colour done!! I had real trouble coming up with anything and the thing I did do in the end looks nothing like the Baseball Nut ice cream picture that was posted :-( I was going to do another ATC but I decided to use my Moleskine in the end!

I feel the need to apologise for this :-S I mean really, what does this have to do with baseballs or nuts?? :-P On the plus side I like the effect I got by just outlining the ice cream in the middle and i love the swirly background!! The colours don't show up great but the pinks are supposed to be the sauce that swirls through the ice cream and the yellow is the vanilla! I chose yellow because vanilla to me screams cream and I don't do cream haha!! It kind of looks like a mishmash of sherbet rainbow and mint choc chip......... I used coloured pencils and a black marker on this! I love colouring with pencils although the ones used here were quite cheap and not blendable at all :-P

I have yet to look on the Twinkle Twinkle blog for the next colour prompt but I am excited! I'm hoping I can pull something a bit better out of the bag this time!! I'm just off to look at all the other fab pieces of art :-D See you at the other side!!

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Summer of Colour (Mint Choc Chip)

Hey everyone! So to week two of the Summer Of Colour Challenge! This weeks prompt was Mint Choc Chip (my fave flavour of ice cream might I add)! I must be honest I found this one very hard! I don't know if it was because I've been having one of THOSE weeks so my brain just wouldn't switch on!! Anyway I went literal with this one so I should introduce to you.......

Mr Cool Mint.

I used my pro markers to colour him in! I'm not sure I really like the blue background but it fits in with the Mr Cool Mint theme ha ha!! I've never done an ATC before and I found it hard to put any extra detail on him :-S All in all I like the idea but I think it could have been done a little better!! Also I think his choc chips look a bit like acne hahaha!!

Oh well I tried something new which was fun, and I will deffo be doing more ATC's in the future! So on to next weeks colour.....I can't wait to find out what it is!!

In other news, my lovely friend Carmen sent me a gift.....I will write a special post about that....but I just wanted to say thank you to her.  We only "met" quite recently but I like to think we have become good friends :-)

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Summer of Colour 2 (rainbow sherbet)

Whilst perusing my friend Carmen's fab blog (whoopidooings) I came across a post she did about The summer of colour 2! Now I've never heard of this but having read about it here and followed the links I have now decided that I will totally give this a go!!

You can find out all about it at Twinkle Twinkle but basically there will be a colour prompt each week and you make some art based on that colour and post it on your blog! I believe the colours will be based on ice cream flavours (yum I LOVE ice cream!).  You can do any art form that you like, I'm hoping to mix it up a little and do a couple of different ones but who knows what will happen when I get going :-)

This weeks colour was RAINBOW SHERBET (seriously the picture of this ice cream looks so nice I could lick the screen ha ha). I'll be honest I didn't quite get my piece finished but I wanted to post it in time so I have taken a picture of the almost finished piece!!

You can't see the colours so well on this photo but this is the best natural light I could find (damn you rain!!)! I decided to do knitting for my first piece as i had the perfect wool and my friend is after a pair of baby booties so i can kill two birds with one stone :-P The one on the right hasn't be sewn together hence why it looks giant compared to the other one!! I love this wool as it is self striping! This has had an interesting effect on the booties.....each bootie is slightly different colours :-P I'm hoping this will be seen as quirky ha ha!!

I really can't wait to see what next weeks colour is :-D I also can't wait to look at everyone lovely RAINBOW SHERBET stuff!! Let's face it, with weather like this we deffo need a summer of colour!!!

Monday, 4 June 2012

Celestial Sugar Skull!

I have not been on here in waaaaaay too long!! I would love to say it's because I've spent all of my time drawing but it's not! I've been working and trying to strip gloss of my stairs and knitting some bits......real life things haha!!

I have done a bit of drawing though, more Sugar Skulls of course! I do need to branch out one day but for now these work for me :-P

I wanted to do some sort of theme so I went for Celestial sort of! I'm not sure I hit the mark though, what do you think??

This is the almost finished version! I tried to use blue and yellows but I'm not sure the colour scheme is quite right! The silver is my beloved sharpie (I must get more of those) and the rest of the colours are my letraset pro markers! I love these pens so much!! I was once on a mission to collect all of the colours but I didn't even get halfway there.......maybe I can start again haha!!

I don't know if I should line the drawing with black or go for the dark blue.......decisions decisions haha! I always line with black as i like the very graphic look so maybe i should try blue for a change!! I also think I need to work on the skull shape. It's not looking too bad though!

In other arty news, me and my friend Katie (check out her website, she makes amazing paper cuts!) are going down to London in July to see the Summer Exhibition! I have been dying to do this for years so I'm sooooooo excited! The tickets are booked and everything! WAHOO! You can expect lots of photos from that trip!!

Anyway I hope you have all enjoyed your Diamond Jubilee weekend :-)