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Friday, 12 September 2014

Mermaids, tangles and knitting OH MY!

I was supposed to be getting better at Blogging but I have in fact gotten worse! I tell myself I will Blog every other day but every other day I seem to have a million and one things to do!!

Well anyway here I am now! I've had a nice couple of weeks, met up with a few friends, watched the Tour of Britain (cycling) as it whizzed past the bottom of my street. I seem to live in a good place for events.  I live close to two always happen in parks, and off a really long straight road which is good for carnivals and the like.  I really enjoy going as its a nice community feel!

This is us waiting for the Cyclists and then being amazed by how fast (and how close) they were going!! It was pretty cool! I don't know if you can tell but I've also had my hair done! It's not reddish anymore! It's not staying like this either, this is just the colour it went after I stripped the hair dye off my hair! I like it though so that's OK!

I've been working on a few commissions and secret knitting projects lately too.  It's been fun but stressful as I really want to get it right!!

The top one is a monogrammed pair of booties for a friend! I really enjoyed making those because they didn't take too long and it's a bit different than what I usually do.  The second photo is for a secret project that i can't reveal just yet but it's for too gorgeous little girlie's :-) The third photo is a hand warmer I made yesterday.  The wool is so soft and I LOVE the colour! I'm tempted to keep it myself but I'm hoping to add it to Snow Bunny's Knits soon!

I have also managed to squeeze in some of my art classes from Willowing which I'm very happy about as I've been dying to do them! I'm currently working on a mermaid, I've literally never attempted a mermaid so this is new ground for me and I'm really liking it!

I feel like she looks better in person but I'm pretty pleased with her so far! I'm just trying to decide on the best way to cover up her boobs :-P I could do a typical seashell bra or a friend suggested star fish! I'm not entirely sure how I would manage that but I can give it a go.  The next step is to add some colour...exciting! Speaking of colour, I added some to my tangle picture I've been working on. 

I haven't quite worked out what I'm doing with it yet but it's getting there! I'm hoping to work on more complicated tangles in the future, I LOVE entangles and any doodle style drawing when there is loads going on!

Anyway that's me for now! Hopefully i will get better at Blogging one day :-P