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Thursday, 6 August 2015

Fantastical Felting Adventure

Hello everyone :-)

I haven't been around as much as I would like recently.  Not even on Facebook, my little Etsy shop or Twitter.  I'm so busy with the day job as there are people on holiday and people leaving that I've been pretty much working there none stop.  I always think to myself I'll do a bit when I get in but i don't get in until gone 7 then I have to make tea and eat it then all of a sudden it's almost 10 and time for bed :-P

Well anyway enough of my moaning.  I have decided to teach myself felting.  It all started with a kit I got from a craft fair last year.  the girl selling them was really lovely and we got chatting.  She made the most amazing felted and crochet pieces including a giant stags head you can put on your wall at Christmas.  I was fascinated and bought the kit.  I never opened it though, sometimes I would think to myself oh I really need to open that kit but I never did.  In the meantime I have been finding other great felters and their amazing creations.  Some of them really are beautiful.

Finally I opened the kit!!! It was a rainy day and I was quite bored and tired and I just thought now is the time.  i wish I had done it sooner, it's amazing AMAZING!! I find it quite relaxing to stab a piece of finer million sod times with a little needle....... :-P

Here are the results so far!  The first things I tried were flowers from the kit but flowers really aren't my thing so I went free style :-P  The B is a wall hanging and is actually a present for someone!  The little bunny was just me trying to follow a youtube tutorial and try 3D felting.  I must learn that bunny ears look better closer together!  I'm so excited by this new craft that I've ordered more stuff and i have BIG plans so watch this space :-)

And last but not least here is a canvas bag design I have been working on!  I can't decide if it needs more hearts or maybe some buttons between the hearts?  It's quite a big bag and I feel like these little hearts might get a bit lost on there!  What do you all think?

Well that's it for now, take care everyone :-)


  1. I would choose more hearts AND buttons! lol. They're both so darn cute on a bag, it's too difficult to choose :p
    Your felting is pretty darn cute too, for a beginner. The B is very cool, and will look fab on a wall. Looking forward to seeing your next creations :D
    Have a good weekend :D

  2. good for you for starting to felt :D would love to but would probably need to invest in a plaster company before hand :p
    I think the bag design looks good as it is, but you can never go wrong with more buttons :D

  3. Glad you opened your kit!!! Love what you have done so far.

    The hearts are looking great..... some buttons would be sweet I think :)

    Good luck with your felting and thanks for visiting btw

    Karen x

  4. It's great when you get enthusiastic about a new project. Looking forward to seeing more, maybe more bunnies?
    I think you could put as many or as little hearts as you like. Maybe put them in a row in the middle, or bottom, or something else.........?

  5.'s something I've been wanting to try too. I think it's a great complement to your awesome crocheting. Have fun!

  6. I can't wait to see more of the completed projects!! Your felting is absolutely adorable so far!!! You are so creative, my friend! Thanks for sharing!!!