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Saturday, 11 June 2016

I can never think of witty post titles!

After saying I was going to post more I have clearly posted far less :-P One day I will get the hang of this Blogging thing!  I've actually been working on my work space, it was a bit/lot chaotic and hard to actually work in!!  I now have a lovely new desk and places to put everything....I can actually see the floor!  Hopefully this will help me be more productive..hmmm :-P

The photos below are just somethings I've been working on.  I have a lot more hats and tea cosies but they need sewing together!  Sewing things together is my least favourite thing to do so i always leave it until last!

I've been on holiday to Croatia too.  It was truly wonderful and I didn't want to come home but I guess thats for another post :-)


  1. Hi Carol :o) It's so nice you're back on blog. Love all you shared today. So pretty!! And oh the cactus... Love it! :o) You were in Croatia? Where? I'm glad you had wonderful time. :o) Have a lovely day. :o)

  2. Well heLlOOO :D It's lovely to see you showing some more of your lovely makes Carol. I especially like the pale blue tea-cosy. I understand about not blogging for ages, I am in the same boat, but the difference is, you have been creative, lol. Maybe I need to do a bit of tidying ;) lol
    What an exciting adventure, going to Croatia!! :D How long were you there for? Got piccies to share?
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend, ttfn :D

  3. I love it when you blog! And YAAAAy for better working areas :)

    Love your knitted lovelies, especially the cactus! My MiL says the same - she could knit all day every day but absolutely hates the sewing bit.

    x x x