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Sunday, 21 February 2016

Tea cosy crazy!

A little while back a friend of mines mum asked me to knit her a tea cosy.  It was a very short and sweet brief 'any colour any design' :-P After establishing she likes pastel colours I went with a cream tea cosy with blue flowers!

This was the result!  I decided I should try and make more tea cosies because who doesn't want to have cosy tea? :-P  I have lots of ideas but trying to  put them all in to practise is harder than I imagined!

These are the two I have actually managed to finish!  I just need to try and get good photos of them which is a nightmare as I'm either in work during the day or its raining when I'm off :-P

These are two WIP I have!  The teal one is going to have a grey pom pom I think!  I haven't quite decided yet!  The bottom one is actually a terrible photo as its a lovely mint green in real life!  I think this one will have flowers on, maybe little cherry blossoms or something!  If anyone is wondering these are available to buy ;-)

And here is a photo of me with my super cool pen that I literally HAD to buy :-P Like I need another novelty pen!!


  1. these are adorable
    tea will be safe and cozy
    I hope you are well and enjoying the end of winter.

  2. Love these! I may be inn the market for one, I haven't quite decided yet - I bought my first teapot for many years last weekend and it's very attractive in glass and bright shiny stainless steel, so you can understand why I'm not sure if I want to cover it yet, lol :D
    Have a great, creative week ahead :D

  3. Ooooooh...these are fabulous!
    I want a tea cosy but probably don't need it in my tropical weather!

    P/s: Perhaps consider getting a photo tent to take photos of your projects?

  4. Your creations always make me smile! I love these! I have actually been considering getting a teapot - am such a savage, I make it in the cup at the mo! But where my workroom is now in my bedroom which is in the loft and up two flights of stairs... laziness is making me consider a teapot to take up with me! :P

    That pen is fantastic. A must have purchase so you are forgiven ;)