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Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Things I have learnt this week.....

Hello everyone!

This week I learnt that it's better not to mess with things when they are kind of OK to begin with because you end up falling down the rabbit hole of trying to "fix" it and get it just right! I did this with my Blog.  It was perfectly acceptable, looked fine but I HAD to go and try and make it better!

I can't leave things alone, I'm always worried I've made the wrong choice and that a different choice will be better!  If you give me more than a couple elf things to choose from my head starts to spin and I may very well spontaneously combust! I went to a lampshade making class the other day....which was pretty amazing but I spent 10 mins standing outside trying to get myself to go in because I was worried they wouldn't be there, I didn't know what they looked like, people might look at me.... Eventually I managed to get in, by now I was pretty stressed out (I think I hid it OK) then we start on the lamp shades.....there must have been 10+ fabrics to choose from! I managed to narrow it down to about 3 I liked but then the familiar voice appeared...."but this one is red you like red" "oh but red is so obvious go with the green" "but that flower pattern is lovely, people will like that"..... and so it went on.  I had to make a decision in the end and for those of you interested I went with the lime green which is lovely and amazing and I'm very happy with!

My beautiful lamp shade!

So at the beginning of the week I decide to change my Blog....I really have no idea why! The same reason that I always ALWAYS upgrade my phone even if I love the phone I have and it's the best phone ever! The same reason that I can't decide which bike to get because there are so many..... the same reason I can;t decide if I should make a new Blog for my knitting or keep the old one I have......I just want it to be perfect and above all I don't want to make the wrong decision......except I'm not sure what perfect is!

What I have ended up with is a slightly different layout (happy with this) but the same banner only bigger and more central....I'm happy that it's more central but the thing is giant and for some reason it now looks dull and dark and the font doesn't work on it now......disaster!

So now I can't decide if i should leave it alone or make a completely new banner.....I wouldn't even know where to begin with that! I tried using another digital piece I had done but although I loved the colours it just didn't seem right :-( I feel a little deflated now, I just wanted my lovely Blog to look amazing! But this is typical of me, I should be used to it but I'm still annoyed.  Annoyed at myself really!

Oh well, I will have to keep it as it is for now and try very hard to decide what is best to do......I have a slight feeling of Deja-vu here......


  1. Right, am going to message you x x x Don't panic! Don't panic!

    Oh and I'm the same with classes "I can't choose purple, that's to obvious!" Your lampshade is beautiful!

  2. Well, your lampshade turned out gorgeous!
    Stop second-guessing yourself. The first choice is always the best because it was made with your gut, not reasoning.

  3. I'm sitting here laughing my socks off. What a description of life today with thousands of choices for everything, sometimes we end up without anything because we can't choose between a trillion colours of pencils. And as for your decription of going to a workshop, I've just fallen off my chair laughing, how I recognise what you describe!