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Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Blank Canvas

So I'm still coming down from the Summer of Colour Fun, I had a really great time and I really wish it was the year of colour or something like that :-P Although I actually think it would send me insane in the nicest way possible!!

So today I am off to a caravan in Wales! The weather is forecast to rain pretty much the whole weekend so I am taking my knitting and my art stuff so i can pass the time and hopefully get my creative juices flowing! At the moment I have this......

Literally a blank canvas!! I have ideas though, BIG ideas...well big for me and I'm hoping I can get it started whilst I'm away! There won't be any wifi (sobs) and I don't get much of a phone signal so I won't be able to check in with everyone when I'm away.....I do not like feeling cut off but maybe it will do me good!!

I've also been working on a special commission for a friend, it's almost done and I'll post better pics when it is but here is what i have at the moment!!

You might be able to tell what it is from this, it seems kind of obvious to me but then i did knit it :-P I'm also working on a knitted panda that I'm hoping to put into my shop as soon as possible! I've had my shop for a while but due to circumstances beyond my control I've had to abandon it for a bit but I'm working on getting it back up and running so next time there should be something for you to have a nose at!!

And finally, today it is 3 years since my lovely, amazing Dad passed away.  This is a pretty terrible photo of me but it shows my Dad with his trademark mega grin, this is how I'd like to remember him.  I miss him every day, the day he left me my heart broke in to a million pieces.  But life goes on and I finally feel like I am moving forward a bit.  I've signed up to some free on line art classes and I'm starting up my little business (again) but this time I'm going to power though and hopefully make it happen! As The Rock would say 'BOOTS TO ASSES, TEAM BRING IT' :-)

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  1. Listen to The Rock :D

    Fab post Carol - hope you have an amazing time away. Clean canvas all round.

    As for your make... a zebra?

    x x x