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Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Progress report....

Before I went away from Wales I had a literal blank canvas and a big idea! I always have big ideas but they never usually amount to much or they don't come out quite right! Well I no longer have a blank canvas........

This is a terrible picture but I just needed you to all see that I actually did draw on my canvas! The trouble is its awful quality! It's bumpy, not textured like textured paper but there are actual bumps in places! I have no idea if my posca pens will work or if I should just bite the bullet and go for paints! My actual plan is to buy a better canvas or paper or soothing and use this design on it and prime over this and use it for another idea I had! It's based on the idea behind my little shop....Snow Bunny's Knits (the link is at the side of this post), there isn't anything in there yet but there will be one day! I'm hoping to get some visitors who will let me know what they think :-P

Other works in progress are actual things for my little shop! First up is Zooey Zebra, she will be a present for my best friends little girls birthday (bit of a mouthful) so I'm working very hard to make her perfect!

I probably should have moved my tesco vouchers out of the shot first but originally this was just to show my friend my progress!! All I have to work on now is the mane and then she will be getting pink felt inside her ears and on her hooves so you know she's a girl!

For those interested you can order this in any colour combo you like and with any colour felt in the ears and on the hooves! You can also name he/she whatever you like! If anyone is interested you can contact me at or though Etsy since I haven't officially listed her yet!

I have made a promise to myself to make my days more structured and to do a bit of something relaxing in the evenings unless I have a special deadline I need to meet! I have some online art classes i will be starting shortly and I'm quite excited to get the old (and I mean very old) creative juices flowing!!


  1. I love that zebra, and it's going to look even cuter with the pink felt! About drawing on canvas: when I want to use markers or make a more intricate drawing on canvas, I either collage over it to make it smoother, or put a thick layer of gesso on there, sand it, put another layer of gesso, sand it and so on, until it's smooth and easy to draw on ... Maybe something you can try out? I don't think it has anything to do with the quality, canvas will always be a bit bumpy ...

    1. I will have to give it a go! I'm not used to canvas, i usually just play around in sketch books :-P

  2. I think your drawing is quite cute. Too bad the bumps bother you, but maybe in the end they will inspire.... i hope.

    Such a cute cute knitted animal, that will be something to keep for the next generation!

  3. Thank you for your sweet words on my Bus/coach cafe post. How fab it would be if there were unusual cafe type vehicles everywhere. My Wee Man would be so happy, lol. (me too).
    How long would it take you to make another zebra? I'm looking at needing it by ten days time (I know, it's soon, but you inspired me to ask) Mo :o))

    1. :-) I could make one within 10 days, once I get going they don't take so long! Once I have all the details I can knit like the wind ;-) If you are interested just let me know!

      Have you ever watched George Clarkes amazing spaces? They have some good ones on there quite often!

  4. LOVE that little zebra! I'm partial to giraffes though..*winks*
    The canvas drawing looks awesome...don't second-guess yourself...just add colour!