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Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Happy Mail

I do love my computer and I do love the Internet (the funny and good bits not the mean and nasty bits) but what I really REALLY love is getting things in the post! Not bills and junk mail but parcels and letters and cards! I love it even more when I'm not expecting it......

Meet Wonky Cat!! He looks a little like my Mums cat Loki! He arrived this morning completely unexpectedly from the lovely  Carmen over at Whoopidoo...ings.  She is a fabulous artist, an inspiration to me and my friend! WE have never met and more than likely never will.....this isn't me being negative, we met online we chat online and we live fairly far apart.....but she has helped me a lot over the last couple of years! THANK YOU CARMEN YOU WONDERFUL PERSON!

A few weeks a go I also received some happy mail from Yvonne at Do more with less! It was a little card just to say hello but it warmed my heart so much! And its such a cute little card!

I love Yvonne's Blog too, its so inspirational, she has some serious skills with a scrapbook layout! I tried scrap booking a while back but i couldn't find my flow :-P So thank you Yvonne for cheering me up and making me smile!!

Not much news to report on the art front! I've been super busy and never seem to have time to sit down and put much effort in...this makes me sad! I did buy a book on zen-tangles (I have to write it like that because auto correct insists its not a word grrrr) which I am planning to use when I only have a few mins to sit and breathe!

Anywho, take care and have a lovely week!


  1. Love wonky cat, he's got kind eyes. Yvonne's' card is so lovely too.
    Yes, Zentangling looks like good fun, so many toys, so little time.

  2. yea, it is quite fun to get real mail, mail from friends and artful cute and pretty mail!

  3. Happy mail is THE BEST! :-D So glad you liked Wonky :-) I love your card too - I keep wanting to try scrapbooking again, don't feel like I ever really got the hang of it either!

  4. Nothing like happy mail! Glad you enjoyed yours!

  5. You are right, finding a card in the mailbox is the BEST feeling. Enjoy your happy mail!

  6. What lovely lovely happy mail! It is SO very nice to get happy mail, especially, as you say, when it is unexpected. What lovely online frineds you have :D