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Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Tangle Time

I haven't written a post in a little too long! I wanted to try and post at least once a week but time seems to be passing by at breakneck speed these days! Anywho I've been a busy little bee preparing to reopen my Etsy shop....which never actually closed but didn't have any stock in for a while!

I opened it back in 2010 and I did manage to make a few sales through it! I also sold some things in person but then my Dad died and my partner left me then my Mum died and I just didn't have the heart to even think about it! But now it's back and I've had much more time to work on it now!

That's a little sample of one of my scarves! I'm adding a scarf a day at the moment.  I'm also going to (hopefully) be making hats and hand warmers and things too! I might be able to take a couple of commissions to so if you see a pattern you like but want a different colour just drop me an email ( I'm always willing to have a look and see if I can accommodate you lovely people :-)

I've also been working on some zentangles.  I was using quite small paper and a quite think nibbled pen and I've discovered this doesn't work well for me.  I've now bought bigger paper and a Sakura Micron pen (best thing EVER) and I'm pleased with the results! I've bought some online classes too but I never seem to have time to sit down and do them! I'm in the process of making a Rainbow Mermaid and I just signed up for a Book worm girl...I like her because she is wearing glasses :-P 

I think I'm getting better but i find them quite relaxing to do which is always a good thing! One last thing before i go, it would have been my Mum's Birthday today.  I don't find these days any more difficult than every other day but it is a day that i remember specific times we had together.  It's only been a year or so since she was taken from me and sometimes I still go to txt her something I know she would be interested in or find funny. Here is a picture of us from when i was about 6 :-P

Until next time take care everyone :-)


  1. Your tangles are fabby. I love my micron pens too.
    Nice photo memory of you and your mum (hug)

  2. It must feel wonderful to be putting things in your shop. I love art that is relaxing and lovely too as yours are. Lovely to remember you mom.

  3. A scarf a day? Wow, you're speedy! Good luck with your etsy store.

    Hugs from Denise

  4. Loss is so hard...big hugs!
    Good that you are adding to your store. Wish I had cold weather to wear the stuff you are selling...but I get tropical weather all year Those zentangles are looking good! Take care!

  5. Great project! And a big hug to you!!!!

  6. My Mum was a speedy knitter too - you would've liked her. You always knew when it was getting to a ternse bit in her murder dramas like Poirot as the clicking of the needles would speed up :-D

    Love your zentangles, I can see an animal face in the middle one!

    I still have my Mums email address stored on my PC, I often think of things I'd love to tell her. Big hugs Carol x x

  7. I love your scarf and am happy that you are filling up your ETSY shop again. I have lost my mom and my sister, so I can surly understand how you are feeling and send you hugs. I love the photo you posted of you and your mom! And your zentangles look amazing, too. I would like to try it sometime!