This is me, trying to do some art and have some fun! AHOY THERE ME H-ARTY'S.

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Feeling a little bit rusty......

I haven't done anything arty in, what feels like, a million years :-( I've had so many things to knit and work has had me rushed off my feet!! I've almost caught up with the knitting but work will be busy now until probably after Christmas which is a bit depressing!!

I'd like to say the reason I've not done anything arty is because I've been knitting, but in all honesty it's not!! I find it very difficult to put down my ideas on to paper! It's like I have a fear of it going wrong or looking silly :-S I remember when I was younger I used to run up to the top of the Castles we used to visit in Wales! I'd drag my Dad up and look over and wave down at my mum.....I wasn't nervous at all.  If you asked me to do that now I would deffo think twice because I know what can go wrong and I worry that it will go wrong! It's the same sort of thing with my art.  I've spent so much time away from it thinking I can't do it, that it's silly that I've now started to believe it!

If anyone has any tips that would be great :-P

This is the last piece of art I created! I was looking in to zen tangles and zen doodles! I really like the colour (of course I do it's red ha ha)! I was getting creative block on the actual doodling bit though.....they were starting to look very samey :-S

Well that is it for now! I hope you have all had a lovely week :-)


  1. Wonderful zen tangle and lovely colors ~ I find what helps me with creating is to try and be playful and have an attitude of 'it;s just paper' and let go and see what happens ~ (A Creative Harbor)

  2. Whatever I say is going to be contradictory as I know that exact feeling you are talking about.

    What I am finding is, just get a sketchbook, a cheap one but with sturdy paper so you don't fall into that trap of "oh I'm saving this for my best work 'cos it was so expensive." (Asda at the moment has some nice and dirt cheap ones!) And just play, literally. That's what I've been doing to tempt mojo back. Just chuck paint in there, doodle, cut out images that inspire you and stick them in (I'm working on a sketchbook page inspired by a photo of a picture of meadow on a Linda McCartney frozen tart box! Really! It looks nothing like the image but am enjoying playing and trying new techniques.) Write down phrases, words, poetry that inspires you... use it as a mobile inspiration board... it really is working for me.

  3. p.s I love your zentangling :)

  4. Oh dear. You've kinda fallen into the self-fulfilling prophecy trap. I love stopping by to see your knitted creations and even your doodling. So you are not short of talent. You just need to get your self-confidence back. Maybe make it a goal to post on your blog at least once a gives you the motivation to do a little something everyday. Once you get the momentum going, you will be alright. Hugs!