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Sunday, 8 June 2014

Fimo Fimo everywhere!

Hello Everyone!

So today I decided to have a play with my Fimo! I haven't done this in so long because it can be a bit fiddley so you need to be in the right frame of mind for it!! I won't tell you what I did, I'll just put the photos up and see what you think!!

This is what I started with.....I won't ask you to guess just yet! I used this handy tool I bought to get the nice flat circle so I was quite pleased at this point!!

I feel like it is quite obvious now! Well I hope its as obvious as I think!! I added the ears and the little bit of hair, this was very VERY fiddley!! 

Next I added the pink bits! The nose and inside of the ears! I made the pink by mixing a dark pink with some white! That is what I love about Fimo, it's so versatile!!

The last bits to do were the eyes, mouth and scarf! I'm not too pleased with the eyes (should have done some details) and the mouth is a bit think but all in all he looks pretty cute to me! Can you guess what he is now??

You bake the fimo for about 30 mins depending on your oven and how big it is etc but you must keep checking on it! I once left a Fimo lollipop in there too long and it went completely brown!! 

Here he is after baking! Hopefully I left him in long enough! He is currently sitting drying out properly! I'm hoping to make him in to a brooch so fingers crossed for that!!

I'm also very excited because tomorrow is the first day of Summer of Colour 4 and I literally CAN NOT WAIT! I have so many ideas this time!! I'm looking forward to seeing everyone else's stuff too! 

So let the summer of colour commence!!!

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