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Friday, 29 May 2015

Snow Bunnies and baby booties

So as per usual it has been far too long since I lasted posted on here.  Every day life just seems to have a habit of getting in the way!  I'm finding it hard to juggle a day job with unpredictable hours with knitting and trying to get some art done :-(  It's times like these I wish that things were simpler!

Anyway first things first! I have to show you an amazing piece of art that I asked my lovely pal Carmen over at Whoopidooings made for me!  I commissioned her to make me a canvas of a snow bunny in her style but also my style.  This is harder than it sounds as we have the complete opposite taste in colours and stuff although I do like a lot of the same things as she does.  I sent her over some reference photos of things I really like....turns out I like a lot of bright pastel colours :-P

Here is what she came up with! Isn't it just the best thing EVER!! I am so pleased with him (even if he doesn't have a scarf on as was later pointed out to me)!  He's so smiley and happy, this is something I have never managed to achieve in any of my drawings of rabbits :-P  He is going to take pride of place in my work room :-)

I've also managed to do a little drawing myself.  I say little but my drawings are actually huge!  I have no concept of scale, I can barely fit the people on to A4 paper!!  I haven't got round to the colour stage yet and I'm not even sure if I like them but such is life!!

The top one is juts a random girl that popped in to my head, I had such trouble with the hair!  I realised I really have no clue how to draw hair that looks like its attached to a persons head :-P  The bottom one is a drawing of my fave DC character Hawkgirl.  Maybe they will look better when/if I finally get some colour on them!  They don't have much emotion at the moment!

I'm hoping to take part in Summer of Colour this year too.  At least it will give me a kick up the backside to post a little more often :-P I do love summer of colour though!  It's quite exciting waiting for the next colour prompts!!

So to knitting!  I had a custom order for a baby hat and booties!  The colour was a mint green or baby blue, I thought the mint green would make a nice change.  The wool that was chosen in the end was really lovely and knitted up well!

If anyone is interested in something similar its £5 each for the hat and booties and I can knit them in any colour you like providing there is wool in that colour :-P I'm trying to knit some to put in my poor neglected Etsy shop but I just can't seem to find the time!

Anyway that is all for now, see you all soon :-)


  1. Love your bunny and the color of the baby booties is so sweet!

  2. I think your "random girl" looks lovely and will look terrific painted.
    What a sweet little hat, love the colour.

  3. Your Snow Bunny is very cool, what a fab commission! Your wee bootees and hat are sooo sweet and your drawings are very good, now get on with the colouring :p
    I am delighted you are going to join in with Summer of Colour. I really enjoyed it last year, so am excited it is almost here.
    Have a great weekend :o))

  4. your snow bunny looks great and indeed very happy. You must be so pleased. I like the hair on your random girl, it looks very natural.

  5. Oh, you work too hard, poor Caz!! I love that you found some time for your great drawings and for knitting the sweet baby commissions! I can see why you love the bunny canvas that Carmen made!! Hugs, Darnell

  6. Oooh...Carmen made the bunny for you? How cool! And the thing about drawing is lots of practice! And when you add colour, everything just comes alive! I find drawing so therapeutic even though I've only been doing it for 10 weeks or so.