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Monday, 23 April 2012

Sweet like Sugar Skulls.

Hello everyone :-)

I have been away far too long (I know I've said that before!), I am now playing catch up and its no fun :-P Its been a long hard slog in my "real" job for the last couple of weeks but I thunk things are settling down a bit now!! I've not been able to keep up with any of the drawing I started from Cameron's Blog :-( I do hope I can catch up a little bit!! The lesson's are such fun, I just need to set aside some time to really give them a go!!

I did manage to get some drawing done though, ok that's not strictly true! I drew the picture ages a go but I decided to take the plunge and colour it in!!

I have to say I'm quite pleased with this so far!  I love Sugar Skulls, I really find the colours and styles so interesting!! I'm hoping to draw more, maybe themed ones! If anyone has any ideas on themes i could do please let me know!!

It kind of looks like he has a moustache, maybe I'm subconsciously channelling Poirot here haha!! I think i need to take a step back and come back to it later and see if it needs any tweaking! Bit as the first thing I've drawn AND coloured myself in a long time I think it's gone quite well!!

That's it on the art front at the moment though :-( I must do better!!

And this photo is just because I love the necklace I'm wearing in it :-P Oh and the top!! Both were bargains! The necklace is from and the top was in the Henry Holland sale! I literally LOVE Henry Holland clothes :-D

Hope you all have a lovely week!!


  1. you are so busy doing things! Your Sugar Skull is quite friendly looking and colorful!

  2. Oh look at you! Aren't you adorable?! I just love it when I can see the faces of my favorite step better is a video where I can hear, too...but that will have to come much later for me, too....haha!

    The Sugar Skull looks awesome colored in. Maybe a celestial one with stars and moons or an ocean themed one? I don't think I've seen ones like that yet ;P

    I will be doing another Drawing Lab Lesson this week, but don't feel alone, I skipped 2 weeks in between.....I was just so busy, too!


  3. I'll be reviewing that book this week some time (she says even though am losing time by the bucket load) when I have it'll be in the post to you x

    Love the Sugar Skull and had to chuckle at Poirot - yes, I see the 'tash now :D Excellent! How about a Nightmare before Christmas one or a Japanese themed one?

    Love your picture - am jealous of your clear skin, am a zit explosion at the moment. Must be the hormones! Nice!

  4. Love the drawing and colouring! And you look good in red! :)

  5. I've popped over from Carmen's blog, the gift you sent her was PERFECT for her!! I've enjoyed wandering around your lovely blog, your sugar skull is super (Poirot moustache or bot!).

    I really like your blog banner, did you create it yourself?

    Have a lovely weekend :o)

  6. or *not* rather than *bot* :P