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Thursday, 10 May 2012

The Zombies are coming to get you!!

A little while back I decided I wanted to start painting wooden dolls! I got the idea after looking on line at custom painted dolls (vinyl and wooden)! Some of my faves are from Zombuki.  I just love the colours and designs! To be honest I haven't got the faintest idea where or how to start :-S

Well anyway I purchased some wooden dolls (which turned out to be smaller than I wanted, but I can't seem to find any bigger ones!), paint and paint brushes and gave it a go!!

The design I picked is that of a Zombie! It was my good Friend Carmen (from Whoopidooings) birthday so I decided to paint it for her! The hair turned out really well actually :-P And the greeny skin colour, I'm not too sure about the was supposed to look like skin coming off :-S

This is the little guy without a face! I put off the face for as long as was humanly possible as I am no good at all with eyes and things! I did it inn the end although I wasn't hugely happy with it!! What do you all think? I think he does look like a zombie, sort of!! If anyone knows where i can get bigger wooden dolls from please let me know :-)

That is all the arty stuff for today! I still have a few projects up my sleeve though ;-)


  1. What a perfect gift for Carmen!

  2. I love him, he is sitting on my desk looking down at me right now, he's keeping my amigurami bat company :D

    I love the idea and would love to have a play with them too. (I love the Kokeshi Clan on Etsy have you seen them on Fb? Love their Jack and Sally! When we find a supplier you should run a kokeshi doll challenge on your blog :D I'd play!

  3. Hehe...I'm curious about his the patches of skin falling off....perfect gift for Carmen.

  4. would love to see your zombie with face...I'm not up on zombies so not sure how they're meant to look...yours looks quite a charming "z", with his/her flaking skin!