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Friday, 21 November 2014

Baby you're a firework, come on show em what you're worth.......

In case you hadn't guessed from the title this post is about Bonfire night! First things first though I BLOGGED TWICE WITHIN 7 DAYS!! Go me haha!! Clearly time management is my strong point this week!! I'm typing this post listening to Ne-Yo and I'm feeling pretty happy! I go through phases of listening to music but when I do I always feel like dancing :-)

Anyways on to Bonfire night! For the last few bonfire nights I've been in work and unable to really go to a display or anything as I was either in until late and missed it completely or by the time I got in from the earlier shift and had my tea I didn't want to go out int he cold again! This year I had heard there was going to be a craft fair on at the same time as the fireworks so I thought why not!  Turns out it was a great idea.  The craft fair was held in this lovely Victorian glass Palm House they have in out Local Park.

This isn't actually a great picture as the light was all odd! But you can just about make out the shape.  You can also get married here, that really would be amazing!!  Outside they had a load of different food stalls!  I ended up with Churros and Belgian chocolate and  a lovely hot chocolate drink! My boyfriend got a hot dog and some gluwein, which I believe is a German hot mulled wine thing but I may be wrong!

WE had a nose around the craft bit too! I love craft fairs, people are just so talented! After that we made our way to were the display was.  I must admit I'm not a massive fan of fireworks when they aren't in a professional display because I always think they are going to land on me and I HATE sparklers! I like to took at them but they terrify me! The display was remembrance day themed and was very good!

It was hard to get good photos but I gave it my best shot :-P We decided to go back to the craft fair again and get some more food.  We ended up with soup, muffins and burgers :-P It was a very food filled night indeed! At this point it was literally freezing, i had no gloves or hat and only my thin autumn scarf on.  We hadn't noticed but it was really foggy too!

It was a good night though so I'm glad we went, even if my fingers were about to drop off in the end haha!!

So that's it for bonfire night! Now I have a photo of the project I was working on all last week!  The customer has received it and seems very pleased with it so that's made me happy too! I already have an order for another one!  It's not in my shop at the moment because I didn't have time to take good photos of it but I do have a couple of ones I took on my phone!

Ta-dah!  What do you all think? The ears are quite big on this one and I would probably do them a little smaller but as I say the customer really liked it so yay!! I'm dying to experiment with different animals!! I've seen a lovely wool that would make a great polar bear :-P I'm just waiting for the wool to arrive before I start the next one!!  Check out Snow Bunnys Knits for more of my knitting...sorry for the shameless self promotion there :-P

Anyways bye for now :-)


  1. You look adorable in your custom-made snood, Carol! I can see why your customer loves it! And I loved all the fireworks photos, too! What a perfect mixture of events between fireworks, yummy food and drink, and crafts!! Whoo-Hoo!! Thank you for your sweet note in the mail!! Hugs, Darnell

  2. I absolutely love your photos of bonfire night! It looks like a magical and wonderful time! I think your photos of the fireworks turned out GREAT! And I love your newest project - you are so cute in it!!!! Thanks for your visit to my blog! HUGS!!!!

  3. looks like you had a wonderful time, yea.
    it is craft fair time. i will have to go a few as well.

    love your hat, that is adorable. I can see why you have another order.

  4. I love a good fireworks display....makes me happy! Sound like an eventful albeit cold night.:)

    Love your cute! You definitely need a bunny version too.

  5. Craft fairs can often be fun, so many talents, I enjoyed seeing your photographs and hearing about your night out. Your hat really suits you, looks great, I'm sure the customer loved it too.

  6. Haha love your funny knits! No wonder you got another order already :-)

  7. Fabulous photos, thanks for sharing, and I love your new knit, so cute, I took a look at your etsy shop, wonderful stuff, you should sell your cute animal knits too!

  8. Sounds like an amazing night - I love those food filled times when you are just trying different things, yum. Love the atmospheric shots!

    The snood turned out so adorable - no wonder the customer was happy. Gorgeous!

  9. Hi Caz, sounds like you had a great Bonfire Night. I like the idea of attending an evening craft fair--something fun and different for a night out. I also like the meaningful theme of the fireworks display.

    We just had Thanksgiving weekend here. We had something scheduled each day--dinner with my family on Thursday, dinner with my husband's family on Friday, a special dinner at home on Saturday, and a party with friends on Sunday. It was all really fun, but a little hectic. Next year I think I'll somehow try to plan a slower-paced Thanksgiving.

    Oh my goodness, that hat/scarf combo that you made is sooo cute! Well done.

  10. Sounds like fun night! Oh I love crafting fairs too :-D
    Your hat/scarf is AMAZING! Uh, I didn´t knit for a long time... I should take those needles in my hands ;-)