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Saturday, 27 December 2014

So now you're back from outer space.....

OK so I haven't been to space but I have been gone waaaaaay longer than I had planned!  I've been so ill over my Birthday and Christmas! I've only left the house once since 15th December! It started as a cold, then I had terrible sinus pain.  I couldn't sleep because the pain was so bad.  My head was stuffy and I felt quite nauseous! Then I developed a chesty cough which I still have now! Despite all that I actually had a very nice Christmas and Birthday!

My Birthday was spent mostly on the couch, I fell asleep a couple of times but we did get Pizza and watch Hercules with The Rock in (I adore The Rock :-P) and I got some lovely presents.

A DIY vinyl Turret from the game Portal, I can't wait to paint this! Also a creeper hair bow and super cute cat mug!

My adopted Donkey Toby :-D

Thank you Carmen! I can't wait to colour this in!

This is an amazing Unicorn necklace.  I have no idea why the photo has turned itself back round the wrong way after I edited it!!

The Lion King is my fave Disney film! Also going to be knitting some cats!!

Guardians of the Galaxy Groot figure and soundtrack.

Such a pretty photo album.

Eduardo the Llama and cute stationary.

More Vinyl toys.

CSI box set, I am SO pleased with these.

Pretty Swatch watch.

Crochet book and nano blocks.

Pretty Unicorn dress.

I'm so lucky to have such lovely friends who know me so well.  I've already started playing with the doodle colouring book and the nano blocks!  Next on my list is the Zoo animals crochet book.  I am determined that this year will be the year I learn to crochet properly!!  I am also determined i WILL blog more! I keep saying this and it never happens!!

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas, I am going to try and catch up with my Blog reading now! Ah wish me luck as I'm pretty far behind :-P 


  1. Wow, you've been spoilt! Enjoy all your presents, I hope the new year will start with a better health for you!

  2. Grr - Google keeps eating my comments.
    Fabulous post of birthday goodness. Glad you managed to enjoy your day even still feeling poorly.

    We are still coughing wrecks here - hoping it goes soon - have a fabulous New Year x x x

  3. I'm very sorry to hear that you were so ill over Christmas and your birthday, Caz. I hope your cough goes away soon, too, so you can truly enjoy all those marvelous presents!! I wish you all the best in the new year!! Hugs, Darnell

  4. It says fun all over this post. Have a wonderful New Year's eve and may we all have an even more creative year.