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Monday, 13 February 2012

It's raining cats and........cats??

Recently my friend told me about a Blog called Paint Myself Pretty that was doing the 'lessons' from an art book with the intention that you can follow along and, post about it and link to the original Blog! So i thought why not?? (By the way you should check out the Blog as it's very pretty!!)

The first lesson was drawing cats..........

Yeah......If you ever needed proof I draw like a 7 year old this is it!! My cat has a giant head and looks like he might kill you if you met him in a dark alley!! I only did two as I got very disheartened by my efforts! That is the usual course with me and my drawing!! I have been known to childishly scribble on pages that aren't going right *the shame* Trying to be positive......I kind of like the body I did!! The page on the left is supposed to be what I wore that day........I'd rather forget that drawing happened ha ha!!

It occurred to me that I had once drawn a cat that I liked! He is more a character than a real life cat but I'm proud of him and that is VERY rare!!

I haven't finished colouring him in but here he is in all his glory!! I actually got the idea from a Digital illustration magazine I used to buy! He appealed to me as he has a moustache that reminds me of my fave detective Poirot ha ha!! I think it's safe to say I'm better at colouring than the drawing bit!!

So I'm afraid that is all I've had a chance to do this week!! It's not that I don't have the time, it' more that I don't know what to draw when I do have the time!! I still haven't completed the face on my little wooden doll either!!  I've tried out eyes on a piece of paper trying to find the best ones! I want them to be simple yet striking!! Hopefully I will get around to that this week.....wish me luck!!


  1. I love your "moustarch-mister-cat" :-) he looks so calm as he smokes his pipe ;-)
    your comment "looks like he might kill you if you met him in a dark alley!" makes me ROFL :-))

  2. I'm just so glad you found me and want to join in!!! The whole point of the exercise (which is the hardest part for me) is to be loose and just play. I get very caught up in details to the point where sometimes, it's not fun anymore...

    Let's bring back the fun, right?!!!
    I like the simplicity of your drawings....but Mr. Mustache is very charming :)

    Hugs, Cameron

  3. There is nothing wrong with drawing like a 7 year old! :) Some of the school aged kids I've worked with have been awesome artists! Just saying.

    I think your 2 kitties are cute!!! Don't be so hard on yourself. Mr. Tophat is adorable. I looooooovvvvvveeeeee him! :)

    Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog! Have a great day.

  4. Oh I love moustachioed cat - you know, he makes me think of the story Round the World in 80 Days... and I couldn't for the life of me tell you why... the top hat maybe :D He is fabulous.

    Listen to Cameron about loosening up - I reckon that's why drawing with my left hand helped - because you just stop thinking!

  5. fantastic're doing it...creating...that's the most important're going to find your "style" then watch out! It might not be and probably won't be what anyone else is doing or has done's going to be you!