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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Picking up a paint brush....

For a little while now I've been quite interested in the whole customised doll world! I've only really dipped my toe in but I've found some artists that I really love! One is Zombuki.  I can't remember how I stumbled upon her stuff but I'm completely fascinated by her dolls!!

This photo is taken from her website which is linked above! Isn't she beautiful? Then I discovered she also customised wooden dolls that are similar to Kokeshi Dolls! I love Kokeshi Dolls, ever since my boyfriend bought me one for my birthday (she was called delicate flower). Kokeshi Dolls are Traditional Japanese wooden dolls that are hand painted....

This is 'Delicate Flower' and she is from The Japanese Shop.  There are many designs and styles which have different meanings!! The idea of customising one of these really appeals to me! The dolls that Zombuki customises are smaller but very similar is style...

You can buy this little lovely from Ms Brigitte's Mild Ride. So armed with some wooden dolls that I purchased from Zombuki's store and some acrylic paint I gave it a go!! I should have taken more photos of the actual process but i took the photos before I decided to do this blog :-P Oh well!!

Here is my little doll body!! I haven't actually painted the hands or the feet yet but there it is :-P

And here is my little doll head!! As you can see there is no face.....I am scared stiff of messing the face up so I haven't even tried yet!! I want to do little simple eyes nose and mouth but I don't even know where to start! I've googled pictures of eyes and I think I've decided on a shape.....yet still she remains faceless :-P

And here is the doll all together! It's not exactly mind blowing but i don't think it went to badly for my first ever go!! Hopefully one day I will get up the courage to add her face and she will be complete!!

Acrylic paint is fun to work with, but I had no idea it was so hard to blend with! I don't know how well water colour would work but maybe i can give it a go!! So does anyone have any idea what or who my little dolly is supposed to be?? Let's see if anyone can guess :-)

Thanks for stopping by!!

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  1. It's you!

    I keep meaning to try Kokeshi dolls too but the only place i found them was really expensive. I'll have to check out where you got yours. Try watering down your acrylics :)

    She's fabulous!