This is me, trying to do some art and have some fun! AHOY THERE ME H-ARTY'S.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

My first ever Blogger Post!!

So this is my first post on Blogger!! I've spent hours (and hours) sorting it out and trying to make a nice banner for it!! I feel like I've lost a day haha!!

This Blog will (hopefully) be about my sad little attempts at Art! I've always wanted to be an "artist", ever since I was a little girl! Somewhere along the line I got a little lost and developed a fear.....a fear of doing it wrong or it not being good! I want to change that, i want to draw or doodle or just throw paint at a canvas and be proud of it because I did!!

So anyway here I am, I don't have any pictures or anything to show just yet but bear with me, I just need a little time!! So stay with me's going to be a bumpy ride :-)


  1. YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! *Buckles seatbelt and gets comfy*

  2. Blogging is the very best thing I did for my creative self!! I just know you are going to find the motivation and inspiration your art will use to flourish and grow!!!

    How exciting!