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Sunday, 25 March 2012

Drawing Lab lessons 4 and 5!

So lets be honest, I've not drawn for like a million years :-P I really meant to draw every day but I guess drawing a little bit is better than not drawing at all!! I finally, FINALLY got around to following the next lesson on Paint Myself Pretty. You're supposed to go to the zoo which would have been soooooo good as one of my fave things to do in the summer is go to the zoo!! BUT I haven't really had time and up until today the weather hasn't been that great round here! Cameron (from paint myself pretty) used video footage but this just didn't work for me :-P I'm not very good at sketching and moving animals present waaaaaaaay too much of a challenge for me right now!! So I used photos of animals I've seen in the zoo in the past!!

As I say EVERY time I post a photo......I really need to get a scanner ha ha!! So there you have my attempts! I only managed two but I plan to do some more later on (after me tea ha ha)!! I picked the fish because I've never drawn a fish in my life.  On the photo its a lovely blue colour! It was going quite well until I had to draw the scale pattern on the fins etc......I kind of lost heart then :-P

I picked the frog because I love poison arrow frogs! They are so small and cute and the colours are amazing! As with the fish, I've never drawn a frog before and I have to say I'm quite pleased with this!! I wish I could get more detail with shadows etc but for someone who really finds this sort of thing SO hard its not gone too badly!! My fave animals are monkeys so I'm hoping to attempt one of them next!

I'm hoping the lovely weather we are having here will stay as I always feel way more motivated when there is a nice blue sky :-)

Just for fun I have a funny photo of my cat Lupin! We are having to mind some Roberovski hamsters for a bit and as I suspected my cat is VERY happy about this! She sits watching them pretty much all day! I have to say I'm a little worried she will attack them but so far nothing too bad has happened!!

Ha ha so there you go!! I hope you have all had a lovely weekend :-) I will be back soon!!


  1. I like the way these turned out! You know, I've never drawn a frog before either! I have always loved the colors of the Poison Dart guys, as well!

    When you get to the Monkey Lesson, I think you are really going to love it! It has been my favorite one so far!

    Thanks so much for playing along with me!!

  2. WOW your fish and frog are fantastic!

    Lupin is very intent on that cage! ;D

  3. You are further along with the classes than me ;)

    My Devvie is monkey mad too - her and Ruby's room is slowly being overtaken by monkeys of all shapes and sizes *g*

  4. Love your frog and fish! That cat definitely has ulterior motives. :)