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Thursday, 1 March 2012

What I wore today......

hello lovely people of Blog land :-)

I totally intended to do lots of blogging and lots of arty stuff this week but well you know how it happens!! I was called in to work on one of my days off and work has been quite busy with various beginning of the year things!! Anywho I have to get myself back on track soon!!

I'm hoping to do the next lesson on Cameron's Blog tomorrow so I will be able to Blog about that soon! I'm quite intrigued as to what that will all be about!! It's been fun so far and completely different than anything I've ever tried before!

My lovely and amazing friend Carmen sent me a surprise gift the other day (thank you thank you thank you!!)! I was well chuffed, and slightly confused at first as my Mum txt me to tell me I had a parcel from Amazon......I thought to myself "But I haven't ordered anything from Amazon, god I hope no one is using my account....." DUUUUUURRRR! Anyway my surprise was a lovely art journal book called 'What I wore Today' by Gemma Correll.

It's such a sweet little book! I didn't realise it is actually like an art journal that you can draw in!! I wasn't going to draw in it at first but now I'm thinking why not!! You can follow Gemma on Facebook (Just search for Gemma Correll Artist) and she has a website (Here)! So if you want to learn more about her and her adorable drawings check those out!! I love her style, its fairly simple but so cute!!

Anyway that is all for tonight! Take care and I shall see you all soon, Hopefully with some new drawings to show you!!


  1. Carmen is such a Sweetie! The drawings she did of herself were great :)

    You have plenty of time to get caught up on the Drawing Lab Lessons. I haven't even started 4 and 5 yet.
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Am glad you like the book :D I need to do some more drawing - get back into it. Feel so out of the crafty loop. Blech.