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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Sugar Skulls and other delights!

OK so I have to be honest, I haven't been very arty or even very crafty recently :-( I'm just in one of THOSE moods where everything seems like its not going well but you can't think why.......does that make sense?? I haven't even done the next couple of lessons on Cameron's Blog Paint Myself Pretty yet :-( I WILL get around to that at some point!

So why the Blog post you ask? Well I have some older drawings I thought I would share with you for now!! The first are some little Whimsies I drew whilst following the Art, Heart and Healing over on Willowing's site! She also has a Blog here!! I had fun doing these, they came out way better than I was expecting! I can't decide if I should colour them in or not....what do you think??

I hope you can see them OK......I really should get a scanner! I actually have a scanner but it's A3 size so doesn't seem to scan smaller things in that well :-S Don't ask haha!!

The second thing I wanted to show you was my Sugar Skull! I absolutely love these! They come from the Tradition of Dia De Los Muetos or Day of The Dead.  Some of them can be a little odd looking but some of them are amazing! So colourful and interesting!! You can find out more about them online, you only have to google to find tons of stuff!

Here are some examples.....

And here is my effort!

I thought he was quite good until I looked at those examples I put on here :-S :-P oh well maybe he will look better with a bit of colour on him?? And maybe some more pattern? Eek!

And before I go here is a picture of my Craft room wall, it's a blank white wall that I plan to fill up with paintings etc.......

The calendars are a vintage travel posters from 1930's one and a Year of The Dragon Chinese scroll thingy! The painting is by my good Friend Carmen over at whoopidoo.....ings :-) He is taking pride of place up there!!

Anyway that is all for now, see you all soon!


  1. I'm missing you over at my Drawing Lab link-ups :P Pretty lean week! I love your whimsies and sugar skull!! I did some Day of the Dead girls for the first time this year myself....they were really fun....almost as fun as painting my own face :)

    You have a Carmen Original?! Fantastic!! It is gorgeous!!
    Hope your crafty creative self emerges again soon!
    Thanks for sharing your endeavors...

  2. well look at you...hArty Lady! love your of these days I may try to reconnect with Willow!

    to color or not to color...well if you can save the original digitally (in black and white)...then I'd go for trying some color! Or I can give you the web address for free "paint" software that I still use even though I have Corel Painter Essentials! Check it out here to see if you might be interested
    That way you can have your original in black and white and play with your digital version in color and print it out when you like it!

    Join the many of us who create and get in a place where nothing seems to work and nothing makes us want to create! No promises, I'm just sure this is a phase that will pass!

  3. I like Theanne's idea of scanning (or in your case photographing close up) your pictures and then colouring them. I think you should definitely colour. Your whimsys are fabulous - I really, REALLY couldn't do that bit of the course! And the sugar skull is wicked!

    Yay for seeing the canvas :D I want to do a wall like that and fill it up!

  4. Hey, I really love your design (the third one down) I was thinking about using this as a tattoo. Would that be okay? Do you think you might be able to draw something similar like that? I really love the sugar skull style and your drawing is perfect