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Thursday, 16 October 2014

An illuminating day.

Ah, I think I'm doing OK at blogging about once a week! I think I have become obsessed with the amount of times I Blog...have to let it go Carol :-P

Anyways, a few months a go I went to a lamp shade making class with the lovely IndigoStitch.  If you haven't seen her lovely stuff you are really missing out! She uses beautiful fabrics to make jewellery and other stuff that is just so lovely!!  One of the things she offers is lampshade making classes! Its a two hour class and you get to bring a lampshade home at the end of it.  Because you get to choose the fabric you use you get a really unique lamp shade!  I had so much fun last time I decided to go again and to bring a friend of mine who I knew would love it too!

So off we went to make lamp shades :-) There was me, my friend and two other really lovely ladies there.  They were super friendly and chatty which is good because I'm so shy sometimes its painful....I hide it quite well but inside I just want the ground to swallow me up :-P  There was also Whisper biscuits there! yum yum yuuuuuummmm!

First of all you choose your fabrics!  I am not a very decisive person, neither is my friend it turns out! The last fabric i chose was bright and lime green so this time i went for a more muted paler to match the bedroom!  Gayle (my friend) chose a lovely flowered one in the end!

Tracey who runs the classes is such a lovely friendly lady!! She helps out when you get terribly stuck like I do! Working with fabric is clearly not my strong point!!  You get to chat whilst doing it and we were all talking away about ourselves and stuff we liked to do craft wise! It's always fun to set like minded people.  The process itself is quite easy, but fiddly.  I think it is something you would get better at with practise :-P

Gayle was pretty good at this!  She is very good at sewing and using textiles!  She showed me some photos of some bunting she had made.  I am truly jealous of her skills!  I have a sewing machine I've not even turned on in about 3 years!  I can sew but nothing complicated and I'm always drawn to knitting as I find it so much easier.  I'd like to get in to sewing more though, i just need someone to give me a push :-P

Here are our finished lamp shades!! They all came out so well and look completely different.  You can do a couple of sizes but we all wanted them to hang down from a light fixture.  Tracey sells the kits to so you can do it at home......this is not a viable option for me though as I need about 10 hands just to deal with it :-P  It was a really nice fun day and I'm glad we went!!  The lamp shade is now up in my bedroom :-)

I haven't really done much else exciting this week! I've just been knitting away oh and buying Christmas presents :-P I got it in my head to be organised but then somehow I felt like I had to buy all the presents right now.  This has resulted in me being nearly done already and it's not even November.  Sometimes I do worry about myself!

My little shop on Etsy (Snow Bunnys Knits) is getting nice and full now!  I've added some hand warmers, brooches and hats to the listings!  When you add the listing you have to to it in $ which makes for some very odd prices in £...I'm trying really hard to get things to be £12.50 instead of £12.83 but its proving somewhat difficult!!  If any of you lovely lot see anything you would like and don't have an Etsy account please feel free to get in touch with me directly (  I am always happy to help and I'll be doing a little discount code for November too!!

Anyway that's me signing off for now!! I have things to knit :-P


  1. such special shades! They will add something personal and pretty to a room!

  2. I really like your lampshade, good work! Workshops can be stressful but this one sounded alright. I enjoyed your fun story too.

  3. Excellent post Caz, I love the shade you made.
    I was thinking about you doing sewing and knitting combined. You could knit things like purses, bags, pencil cases, mugrugs, and line them with fabric. They would be quite unique. I've seen simliar things, but mostly in US etsy shops, so the shipping is prohibitive.
    Have a great weekend :o))

  4. Love the pattern on your lampshade! Looks like a fun class!

  5. Wonderful work there, must be fun too!

  6. fun it must be to attend this workshop! I love attending classes. :)

  7. This looks like a really fun class. I would be intimidated, because I have not touched a sewing machine since I was 13 years old and had sewing class at school. But to come away with a custom-made shade that matches your home decor must be so rewarding. Glad you had a good time!

  8. I love your custom made shades and your workshop sounds like it was amazing!!!!!

  9. What a great idea! I've never seen a class like that around where I live. I think they all turned out very lovely!! Hugs, Darnell