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Thursday, 2 October 2014

Knitting, cross stitching, knitting, cycling, knitting..........

Ha so my plan to even post once a week has gone right out of the window!! I received a request for my biggest commission to date.  Hats, scarves, gloves x2.  I wanted to make it super cute so i decided to add bows....little did I know those bows would become the bane of my life for the next few weeks!! I'm happy to say I'm almost done now (will post pictures once they have been received) and can move on to the next couple of commissions I have!!

I have done some nice things since you last saw me! I went to the Museum in Manchester to see some Mummies.  I love anything to do with Ancient Egypt.  I watch every documentary that comes on TV and Netflix! The exhibition there didn't have much but it was a nice trip anyway! We went to pizza express (mmmm) then did a bit of shopping.

I'm pretty sure I look demented on these photos! Especially the second one :-P My ultimate dream is to go on a Nile Cruise then I can be like Poirot which would incorporate a second of my loves! They are so expensive though that I may never make it.  I guess I'll just have to visit all the museums to see all the Mummies!!

Oh I also got a new bike.  It is my new pride and joy.  It's a mountain bike but its the most girlie mountain bike you can imagine :-p It's been fun cycling around the local parks and waterfront.  It's a good few km if you go there an back.  Hopefully we can fit some more in before the ice appears! I suppose autumn is not the best time to buy a bike!!

The bike is a little sparkly if you look closely! I had to try and find a helmet that didn't make my head look massive, this was the best one I could find although not as cute as my bike haha!

I haven't had a chance to work on my mermaid for ages :-( I've been waiting for my dylusions inks to arrive (which they finally have) then I had to get some flesh coloured paint which I finally got yesterday! Hopefully this weekend will be a weekend of painting!! I need to make more time to do arty things but I always end up knitting until 10/11 in the night!! Must knit faster!!

And finally here is a picture of my precious cross stitch that I have been working on since August.  It's taking me a looonngggg time to do but I'm looking forward to seeing what it looks like in the end.  I am determined to actually finish a cross stitch before I start a new one!

Well that's all for now folks :-) I'm off to get my breakfast and start my knitting jobs for today!!


  1. looks like you have been enjoying life in all sorts of ways.
    yea that your commission is nearly completed, that is always a good feeling.
    wishing you a great time biking.

  2. Hi Carol,
    I have just found your blog - I can't believe I haven't seen it before - it's fab.
    You sure did kept quiet about your creative talents! We would have had even more to natter about if I would have known - I do love a creative project myself!
    I'm going to make sure I keep reading your blog now for some inspiration.
    Hope you are doing well,

    Lots of Love,
    Jayne xx

    P.S - that cross stitch is looking beautiful, you must upload a pic once its finished

    1. :-) Ah thank you Jayne! It's taken me an absolute age to do that cross stitch but i'm determined to get it done haha!! x x

  3. Hello Caz, I so enjoyed reading this blogpost, it was like getting a chatty letter from a friend. Your bike looks really sweet with the turquoise paint, and cross stitch can take ages but looks so good when it's finished and is relaxing and fun to do.

    1. Haha I do ramble a bit don't I? :-P I'm glad someone is enjoying it though!! x

  4. Fun to read! I especially love your pretty bike!

    1. Thank you! You wouldn't believe how long it took me to pick that one haha! I love the colour though!!

  5. Love your bike, and I'm glad to see you have a helmet :D
    I look forward to seeing pics of the commission works and the embroidery is looking fab. Till next time ...........:o))

    1. I've never had a helmet before (naughty) but i'm planning to ride a smuch as I can so i though I best get one!! x

  6. I love the colour of your bike! Perfect time to start cycling if you ask me, not to hot and you can enjoy all the gorgeous Autumn colours :)

    Looking forward to seeing your mermaid.

    My Mum was an Egypt nut like you - she eventually got there one year with my sister - they said it really isn't like it's portrayed in the films, that the pyramids look like they are all alone in the desert but actually there is a town right next to them. A local tried to buy my sister for a bunch of camels! My sis said she was miffed about how long my Mum stood thinking about it. Haha! Apparently she liked the idea of setting up a little ranch in Kent!

    Loved this post Carol, always love reading what you are up to AND seeing you. You always look like you are having so much fun!

  7. Oh you'd be surprised how many people tell me that about the pyramids :-P I'd still love to see them, although on a Nile cruise you usually don't get too because all the other cool stuff (valley of the kings etc) is so far away!! Bless your Mum though!!